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“I have been a scrapper for over 35 years and have been coming to Basic Metals for the past two. The staff is very friendly, as well as tremendously helpful and has treated me exceptionally well over the past 2 years… “

Ray Hiltanen

”The service I’ve received from Basic over the past few years has been awesome…”

John Gibbs

“I went to another, more popular recycling company for the past few years. Now after going to Basic, I do not intend on ever going back. The service is better, and my wallet gets treated better here, too!”

Ross Bock

“I see Basic Metals supporting all kinds of things all around our community, and offering a great place for our family, friends and neighbors to make money recycling. Thanks, Basic!”

Helen Tompson

About company

Basic Is Metro Detroit’s Premier Scrap Metal Recyclers Basic Metals provides the highest level of service in the entire field of scrap metal recycling. Take a look at all of the advantages of choosing Basic next time you’re looking to cash in on some scrap metal!

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Did you know

In our business, the difference between knowing your stuff, and being a part-timer can mean big time money!

As a company, Basic Metals is a bit unique in that we are willing and able to provide all of our prospective customers with the knowledge and answers to questions in order to assist them with maximizing the value of their scrap metal. Take a look at our Recycling FAQ page if you have any questions, and we might have the answer already posted for you! Remember, knowing your materials and how to process/sort them can equal higher scrap metal prices for you!!

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