In today’s economic climate, it’s far from uncommon for businesses to consolidate facilities, or even close their doors completely. With the stress of corporate restructuring, or the headaches that come with shutting down a business, the final loose ends need not be an additional burden.

Whether vacating your property has left you with unwanted assets, surplus inventory, or obsolete equipment – Basic has you covered! Our highly experienced, fully insured crews can come into your old building, and clean out as much or as little as you might need.

Our staff possesses decades of experience in both the used machinery sales field, as well as the industrial recycling industry – making any particular scenario you might have in mind a possibility. Want that old stamping press taken out and recycled? Maybe you just can’t stomach seeing your old lathe scrapped, and you’d like to see it in a new home working just as hard as it always did? Basic Metals has the experience and knowledge to handle both types of scenarios professionally, and confidently – with a pricing model built to save you money!!

To inquire about how we can help your company, or for any further information, please head over to the contacts page, and get in touch with us today!

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