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FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00

Garage/Shed Items

What many people don’t know, is their shed and/or garage can be full of items that can be sold for cash. Use the list below to find out what many common items found in your garage would be bought as.


  • -Metal Shed – #2 Baling.
  • -Lawn Mower – Aluminum Breakage if it has an aluminum deck, or for the removed motor. Otherwise, it is bought as Steel Shred.
  • -Weed Whacker – The removed motor would be bought as Aluminum Breakage. If at least 40% of the unit is made of Aluminum, it would be bought in it’s entirety as Aluminum Breakage. Otherwise, it is purchased as Steel Shred.
  • -Ladder – Ladders with fiberglass sides are bought as Aluminum Breakage. Otherwise, Ladders made completely of Aluminum are bought as Contaminated Extrusion.
  • -Extension Cords – Bought as 52% Copper Wire.
  • -Old Christmas Lights – Bought as 12% Copper Wire.
  • -Sockets/Wrenches – Prepared Heavy Melt.
  • -Hammers/Screwdrivers – Steel Shred.
  • -Cordless Power Tools – Steel Shred.
  • -Garage Door – If they are free of any traces of insulation, they are bought as #2 Baling. With insulation, they are Steel Shred

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