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FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00

Basement & Laundry Items

Many common items regularly found in your laundry room and/or basement can be brought in and scrapped for cash. Use the listing and descriptions below to properly identify exactly what your everyday laundry room or basement items will be bought as when it’s brought into our yard(s).


  • -Hot Water Tank – Bought as Steel Shred.
  • -Washer/Dryer – Steel Shred.
  • -Furnace – Steel Shred.
  • -Ductwork – Steel Shred.
  • -Pipes – Typically bought as #1 or #2 Copper. Different grade will be based on the amount of paint or other contamination present.
  • -Romex Wire – 70% Copper Wire.
  • -Steel Studs – #2 Baling.
  • -Drop Ceiling Grid Work – #2 Baling.
  • -Fluorescent Light Fixtures – Steel Shred.

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