Production Scrap

Operating out of Metro Detroit, we have acquired partnerships with many different shops in a wide variety of fields in order to let Basic Metals get them the highest return when they sell scrap. We are capable of spotting a wide range of different size box hoppers, as well as roll off boxes directly on your location in order to make your scrap metals recycling the easiest aspect of your business! A simple call through to our dispatch line provides an open avenue in order to freely schedule pick-ups and box exchanges in the matter of a 1-minute phone call. It simply can’t get any easier!

Give us a call, and let one of our skilled employees come out to your job site for a relaxed meet and greet. We will figure out how Basic can help you best, and determine exactly how we can help make your business flourish! Whether you produce steel products, have scrap automotive parts, perhaps salvage aluminum punchings – whatever the case may be, Basic can help with your production scrap metals selling!

If you would like to request more information in regards to setting up a production account, please head over to the contacts page and let us know!

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