Many items found on an automobile can be removed and sold as various scrap metal grades. Take a look at the list below to see what items off your car would be bought at our scrap yard(s).


  • -Old Rotors – Steel Auto Cast.
  • -Steel Rims – As a whole, they are bought as Steel Shred. With the wheel weights and valve stems removed, they are bought as #2 Baling
  • -Battery – These have their own grade, Auto Batteries.
  • -Aluminum Rims – Their own grade, with both clean and dirty states. Clean state is achieved by removing the valve stems as well as the lead wheel weights.
  • -Trunk/Hood/Misc. Body Pieces – Bought as Steel Shred.
  • -Engine/Motor – As a whole it is bought as Steel Shred. Stripped down to just the block, it is bought as Auto Cast.
  • -Intake – Auto Cast if it is magnetic. If it is non-magnetic, it is bought as Cast Aluminum.
  • -Exhaust System – Steel Shred.
  • -Catalytic Converter – Often confused with the muffler. Bought individually based on specific pricing.
  • -Alternator/Starter – Electric Motor.
  • -Aluminum Radiator – Old Sheet Aluminum.
  • -Brass & Copper Radiators – Bought under the category of Auto Radiators.
  • -A/C Pump – Aluminum Breakage.
  • -Wiring – 52% Copper Wire.
  • -Pistons – Cast Aluminum.
  • -Carburetor – Zinc Die Cast.
  • -Rear End – Steel Shred.
  • -Suspension Parts – Steel Shred.

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