Free Evaluations

Free Evaluations 2018-03-30T15:23:15-04:00

Have some excess equipment, but not really sure of the fair market value? Maybe you think you want to recycle some of your older equipment, but not certain if it could be re-sold instead. Allow Basic to come to your facility, evaluate your specific scenario, and consult you in the specific directions you should go in to maximize your item’s value. We provide these sorts of on-site asset evaluations absolutely free to all prospective customers. With no cost to you, taking advantage of this service is a no-brainer!

To inquire about how we can help your company, or for any further information, please head over to the contacts page, and get in touch with us today!

The Basic Difference

This amazing tool will accurately identify the chemical make up of any metal in seconds. Eliminates any doubt to any scrap metals.

We always provide highly competitive pricing higher than others. Mill-direct contacts allow us to pay the most aggressive scrap metal prices in Michigan!

State officials regularly check each of our scales to certify their accuracy. Rest assured, you will be paid for all of your weights!

Here at Basic you will be treated better, hands down. We do everything we can to treat every customer exactly the way they want to be treated!