Many common items regularly found in the kitchen can be recycled as many different various grades of scrap metal. Use the listing and descriptions below to properly identify exactly what your everyday kitchen item will be bought as when it’s brought into our yard(s).


  • -Fridge/Refrigerator – Bought as Steel Shred, with the condenser removed and no free-on present.
  • -Stove/Oven – Steel Shred.
  • -Microwave – Steel Shred.
  • -Misc. Appliances – Steel Shred.
  • -Pots/Pans – Typically bought as Old Sheet Aluminum, or else 304 or 400 Series Stainless. If it is magnetic, then it is 400 Series Stainless Steel. Aluminum cookware is typically lighter, and won’t spark when hit with a grinder.
  • -Silverware – Good silverware is typically 300-Series Stainless Steel (non-magnetic), cheaper silverware is usually 400 Series Stainless (magnetic).
  • -Blenders – Steel Shred.
  • -Toaster – Steel Shred.
  • -Toaster Oven – Steel Shred.
  • -Coffee Maker – Steel Shred.
  • -Garbage Disposal – Electric Motors.
  • -Kitchen Sink – Typically 304 Stainless Steel (non-magnetic), or else it can be 400-Series Stainless or even Cast Iron.
  • -Fixtures/Faucets – Yellow Brass.
  • -Cabinet Hardware – Zinc Die Cast typically, high end hardware can be Yellow Brass.

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