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Welcome to metals 101!

not quite sure what you have? we can help!

When we call ourselves a full-service industrial recycler, we mean it! We’ve compiled this ever-expanding database to assist you in properly identifying exactly what you have!

Browse through our collection of “Scrap Types” as well as “Common Items” to learn what exactly makes each grade of scrap what it is, versus what it could be with a little work! Also, under “Common Items” see what a wide variety of every day household items would be classified as when recycling them. If you’re looking for a particular item, use our SEARCH function at the top of any of our pages.


scrap types

Scrap Types


Learn about the different scrap types.

This detailed page will go over all of the most common grades of various scrap metals. We will outline the characteristics and guidelines for each type of scrap metal, as well as provide pictures.

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Common Items

Common Scrap Types

Common Items


Not a pro? See what your item would be bought as.

Have some items to be recycled, but have no clue what they’d be graded as or how much they’ll fetch you? Take a look at this page for a collection of every day items, and exactly how they could be recycled for cash!

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