Many common items regularly found outside the house can be recycled as many different various grades of scrap metal. Use the listing and descriptions below to properly identify exactly what your items will be bought as when it’s brought into our yard(s).


  • -Patio Furniture – If they are non-magnetic, they are bought as Old Sheet Aluminum. If magnetic, they are Steel Shred.
  • -Gutters – Aluminum Siding.
  • -Down Spouts – Aluminum Siding.
  • -Pieces of Siding – Aluminum Siding.
  • -Exterior Light Fixtures – Some of these fixtures are Yellow Brass, in which case they will be non-magnetic and gold in color. Some are Aluminum and therefore bought as Old Sheet. Others are made of Steel, will respond to a magnet, and are bought as Steel Shred
  • -Metal Mailbox – Steel Shred.
  • -Flagpole – #2 Baling.
  • -Window Frame – Contaminated Extrusions if non-magnetic. If they are magnetic, they will be bought as Steel Shred.
  • -Screen Doors – Old Sheet.
  • -Address Numbers – If magnetic, they are bought as Steel Shred. If they do not respond to a magnet, they can be either Zinc Die Cast or Yellow Brass.
  • -Chain Link Fence – #2 Baling.
  • -Above Ground Pool – If magnetic, it is bought as #2 Baling. If not, it is bought as Old Sheet Aluminum
  • -Chimney Cap – Steel Shred.
  • -Air Conditioner Unit – As a whole, your AC Unit will be bought as Steel Shred and it must have all free-on removed. Disassembled, there is an Aluminum Copper Radiator, Copper Piping, Electric Motor, and a Sealed Unit (the compressor).

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