At Basic Metals we pledge to every and anyone who walks through our doors to sell scrap metal that our scales will be honest and accurate. Our scales are Michigan State Certified, just as an extra measure to reassure our customers that they are receiving the best service available from our scrap buyers. On top of that, we also guarantee our scrap metal prices to be competitive and fair. We constantly monitor all markets, and adjust our scrap metal rates when necessary. We realize our business lives and dies with our customers, and we excercise an understanding of this each and every single day we open our doors!

At Basic Metals we provide all of the necessary means to accomodate all of our streetside scrap metal customers on a daily basis. Whether you’re scrapping a few leftover copper pipes from your most recent plumbing job, or have an entire trailer full of salvage steel – Basic has you covered! Our Mount Clemens facility is fully equipped with a truckscale capable of accurately weighing large loads. In addition, our highly educated metal purchasers will work with each customer to better accomodate you and provide the highest price on scrap per pound for your materials. We practice fairness and honesty from opening to close every day! So whether you are looking to cash in on either ferrous or non-ferrous materials, Basic Metals is the place to be!

If you have any questions regarding our scrap metal yards, please feel free to e-mail us with the provided link below.