Basic Metals is without a doubt the one-stop shop for all of your possible industrial recycling needs. Throughout the years our customers have spoken, and we’ve listened closely! Getting started in the business, we were always sick having to call other outside companies to assist us in handling a portion of a job. This lead to poor response times, inaccurate quotes, and a general loss of direct responsibility over the outcome of a project. Desiring to be a company built around a “service first” attitude, we’ve worked tirelessly each day since to build ourselves to correct this. And I believe we’ve done a pretty good job.

Beginning with our actual scrap metal yards, it is pretty obvious that Basic Metals is the absolute best location to bring all of your scrap metals to redeem for cash. For starters, we begin with our state-certified truck scales – allowing an inbound customer to quickly pull up and weigh their scrap metals easily and accurately. From there, they will find a knowledgable staff ready and willing to accurately identify their materials, and share with them exactly what category of scrap metal each item falls under. We will then explain to you exactly the reasons why it is considered one grade, and what separates it from the others. By instilling our customer base with this knowledge, we believe we will gain repeat customers who will be better informed, and can therefore handle future transactions with ease. From there, we provide state-certified platform scales for all of your various scrap coppers, brass, aluminum, wire, stainless steel, tool steel, batteries, etc. You will find even more experienced and friendly staff to assist you in figuring out the exact ways to separate, and process materials to “prepare” the scrap into a state to yield the highest possible scrap metal values. We find our customers leave this segment of our business feeling assured that they have been treated honestly, and handled fairly. Finally, step up to one of our pay stations where our state-of-the-art point of sale systems can quickly capture your information, and keep it on file for ease of future transactions. A quick (and inkless) fingerprint scan and a signature, and you’re on your way out the door with a pocket full of cash! It’s safe, it’s quick, it’s helping the environment, and most importantly – it’s putting more money into your pockets!