“I would like to say Thank You for all your company has done for my family…We, (The Man in the Purple small Truck) have suffered greatly due to lay offs this year and through word of mouth discovered your company and what, with some hard work, could accomplish financially using your business as our own. We lost our home,  jobs, and ended up in and out of hotels, some evenings wondering how we were even going to eat. After speaking with your staff, who was extremely informative, we began little by little bringing in ‘Scrap’ and little by little accumulating enough cash flow to change our lives considerably. We feel that not only do you provide a great service to those who are in our situation but we feel, now doing this for nearly 6 months, gave us an opportunity to help clean up some much needed areas. Its just a win win for all! I’m not sure what would have happened to us had you not existed, suppose like many welfare, bridge cards, living day to day-and that wasn’t something either one of us could bring ourselves to do. I suppose you could say that if it wasn’t for you we don’t know where we would be today. We are moving this weekend into a nice place, allowed us to save a substantial amount of money and I have since returned to work – kind of a “happily ever after”. Again thank you all down at Basic Metals for always being helpful and kind….We will never forget what you all have done for us!

-Debbie Chicowlas