Sure, handling a customer better than anyone else can only get you so far. Bottom line, is our customers are coming to us to generate some money. So if we’re paying less than the guy next door, I doubt some smiling faces would be enough to get you in our doors. This is why we work hard every day at establishing an international network of contacts to find the absolute best mills and end-users for all of our processed materials. Essentially, us finding the absolute best homes for our scrap metals yielding the highest possible scrap metal prices means we can pass these advantages right on down to you! We pride ourselves on opening our doors every day with extremely aggressive, and highly competitive prices across the board on all types of scrap metals.

In addition to our outstanding basic pricing, we are always willing to go the extra mile for higher volumes, and more frequent on-going scrap deliveries. The entire industry is built around weight, and quite simply the more you bring in, the better you’re going to be paid! Our staff is always available to listen to your particular situation, assess it as best we can, and let you know directly the absolute best purchase price we can offer you. Keep in mind, for our higher volume customers we also provide container services and are capable of delivering everything from a 10-yard rolloff box all the way up to an 80-yard box. Each scenario is different, and consulting with our staff is the absolute best way to figure out exactly how we can make your project as lucrative, and easy, as possible. We do not charge rent for the use of our containers, and all of our trucking is handled in-house. You will never hear any excuses from us about another company not pulling their own weight!