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Do you guys scrap old cars?
We do accept scrap vehicles at our New Haven facility only. Please keep in mind a proper title completed in the person’s name who is scrapping the vehicle is required. Also, all fluids must be drained from the vehicle prior to weighing in, or a weight deduction may be made at the scale. For any additional questions please give us a call!

Well, what about that scrap car in your pile right now?
While we do not have the proper license to take vehicles from the general public, we can legally accept scrap vehicles from commercial customers. It is not beyond the realm of possibility to spot remnants of a scrap vehicle in one of our scrap piles, and so it might be somewhat misleading as to why we can’t scrap your vehicle. These scrap cars are from some of our commercial clients, not the general public.

I have a _______, what’s it worth?
Our scrap pricing is based entirely on weight, and the state of scrap materials. We will never answer directly what your specific item is worth in scrap, because there are so many variables it is impossible for us to give you an accurate idea on what your item is going to get you in scrap. For starters, we do not know how much your item weighs. We could ball park it, but then we’re not aware of what sorts of attachments or contamination might be present. Giving inaccurate prices over the phone eventually results in unhappy customers once they get to our yard and see what their item is ACTUALLY worth. Bring your item(s) in, and we’re more than happy to figure it out for you on-site before deciding if you want to recycle it or not.

Can you come pick up my old fridge?
We receive quite a few phone calls from prospective customers wondering if we do small pick-ups. While we love the opportunity to gain a new customer, all of our company trucks are semis, and it is just not cost effective for us to do small quantity pick ups like this. We do, however, have quite a network of trust-worthy individuals who can provide such a service, although they generally exchange the scrap value of the item being picked up for their service.

Why don’t you pay me more money?
Believe it or not, scrap metal values are determined globally by market conditions – not much unlike other commodities like gold or silver. The manufacturing sector has demands for raw metal products to supply their operations to make new products. This supply in turn has an effect on the demand for scrap metals to be melted down and used to produce these raw materials. In turn, the demand for scrap metal drives the market value up or down. While we would love to pay everyone a whole bunch of money, unfortunately the market does not always allow us to!

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