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One aspect of our business we love handling on a daily basis, is commercial scrap account customers. All sorts of various contractors, plumbers, electricians, builders, demo companies, etc. visit us on a daily basis to generate return income from materials gathered from their latest job sites. Generating these dollars help to not only keep their costs of work conducted down, but also helps to keep extra money in their pockets during the days of our tough economy. We assist this wide assortment of commercial customers to gain money from everything from small amounts of burst copper pipe, all the way up to the entire structural steel of buildings being torn down. No matter the size of your job, Basic can make the work easier – and more cost effective!

Anyone in their respective field can tell you submitting work quotes at the lowest possible cost is critical in maintaining steady, and consistent work. Given the current state of the economy – ensuring you have all of your avenues covered in trying to propose work is crucial. Having a good working relationship with Basic Metals will allow you to bounce ideas and upcoming work off of our experienced and knowledgeable employees to give you an accurate idea of how much money you can expect to receive in return for your scrap materials generated. This will allow you to have an even better idea of exactly how precise of a cost of work you are dealing with, which can in turn result in lower bids and quotes – and in turn more work!

Here at Basic Metals, we love dealing with commercial scrap customers, and always do our best to provide them with the best possible prices for their specific materials. We are always willing to provide commercial customers with increased prices based on quantities, and the state of their scrap metals. We also provide rent-free containers for those big jobs that might come up, as well as our in-house fleet of trucks to handle the delivery, switch, and pick up of these containers in an accurate and timely manner. From top to bottom, Basic Metals can assist you and your company in keeping more dollars in your pockets, and even more work on your schedule!

To inquire about how we can help your company, or for any further information, please head over to the contacts page, and get in touch with us today!

The Basic Difference

This amazing tool will accurately identify the chemical make up of any metal in seconds. Eliminates any doubt to any scrap metals.

We always provide highly competitive pricing higher than others. Mill-direct contacts allow us to pay the most aggressive scrap metal prices in Michigan!

State officials regularly check each of our scales to certify their accuracy. Rest assured, you will be paid for all of your weights!

Here at Basic you will be treated better, hands down. We do everything we can to treat every customer exactly the way they want to be treated!