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One thing that separates Basic Metals from all of the other scrap metal recycling companies here in Metro Detroit, is our willingness to educate and share information with all of our customers. One way the “other guys” make money off your scrap metals, is by keeping their clients in the dark, buying their materials at lesser valued grades, and flipping them for a higher profit when they go to sell. What a lot of these unfortunate companies are unaware of, is that many times some very simple changes to the way they handle their materials, or some very cost effective processing of their materials could result in an extremely higher return on their scrap values.

Here at Basic Metals, we do not aim to ever make profit off of one of our customers by taking advantage of their lack of knowledge in regards to our field, or by ever pulling a fast one over our customers. We are always open and available to come into our current or prospective customer’s facility, analyze the way they handle their materials and processes, and put our expertise to use in order to give them any sort of suggestions we possible could in an effort to make the handling of this side of their business less painful, less expensive, or in a manner to generate a higher return income coming back to them.

From suggestions on container types or sizes that might cut down freight costs, to a better way to separate and segregate specific materials, and even some additional processing that could really help turn a better profit – Basic Metals will do all we can to assist you and your employees in the best ways to handle your scrap materials. Of course, all of our consultations are merely suggestions, and the following of our suggested processes is NOT required in any way to sell us your materials.

To inquire about how we can help your company, or for any further information, please head over to the contacts page, and get in touch with us today!

The Basic Difference

This amazing tool will accurately identify the chemical make up of any metal in seconds. Eliminates any doubt to any scrap metals.

We always provide highly competitive pricing higher than others. Mill-direct contacts allow us to pay the most aggressive scrap metal prices in Michigan!

State officials regularly check each of our scales to certify their accuracy. Rest assured, you will be paid for all of your weights!

Here at Basic you will be treated better, hands down. We do everything we can to treat every customer exactly the way they want to be treated!