Plant Cleanouts

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In today’s economic climate, it is not uncommon for a company to downsize, or even completely close down an entire facility. Whenever this sort of restructuring occurs, there is a wide assortment of unused and unneeded items, as well as obsolete equipment no longer needed for operations. Basic Metals can greatly assist in these sorts of scenarios. Not only are we capable of handling the physical rigging and removal of the entire former contents of your facility, but our highly experienced personnel can assist you in determining the best way to handle each item in order to maximize your return income.

When clearing out an entire facility, the fact of the matter is some items won’t be re-sellable, or at least not at a high enough dollar amount to surpass their scrap value. Being that we ARE the scrap metal company, we can not only provide you with the highest return scrap prices – but we can also easily determine your best route to generate the highest dollar amount on each item. Our staff possesses decades of experience in the used machinery field, and has a lifelong network of contacts established to provide you with a wealth of knowledge in regards to the value of your goods on the market, as well as the time and ease required to sell this particular item. Utilizing all of these tools at our disposal, we can effectively assist you in determining exactly how to go about handling the entire contents of your facility in the best manner to keep costs as low as possible, and return revenue as HIGH as possible. No other company in the Metro Detroit area has all of these aspects of such a deal covered in-house, and with the level of expertise and experience Basic Metals has under their belt.

A couple other aspects of our specific business model that can really maximize the results of your plant cleanout, are our Free On-Site Asset Evaluations, our Scrap-4-Work pricing model, as well as our On/Off-Site On-line Auctions. To keep it brief, each of these aspects of our business are designed to keep the costs of work conducted as low as possible, and the level of return income higher than you generally would with the competition. An evaluation of your situation will always be at no cost to you, and Basic Metals will always pledge to provide you with the most complete information to assess your situation and make the best decision for you and your organization.

To inquire about how we can help your company, or for any further information, please head over to the contacts page, and get in touch with us today!

The Basic Difference

This amazing tool will accurately identify the chemical make up of any metal in seconds. Eliminates any doubt to any scrap metals.

We always provide highly competitive pricing higher than others. Mill-direct contacts allow us to pay the most aggressive scrap metal prices in Michigan!

State officials regularly check each of our scales to certify their accuracy. Rest assured, you will be paid for all of your weights!

Here at Basic you will be treated better, hands down. We do everything we can to treat every customer exactly the way they want to be treated!